7 indicators you might be a HUBSTER


At HUBS the last thing someone would do is judge someone else. As long as you do quality work and you’re not an asshole you’re one of us.

However, we thought about putting together a list of characteristics that we hubsters show and appreciate in each other. Just so we’re clear: none of us have ALL of these characteristics. In fact very few of us even display half of them. Each of us also has a lot of other attributes that were not mentioned here. These are the ones that we observe the most amongst ourselves.

1. Freedom & Responsibility –  If you absolutely hate stupid rules, but love to do what you do in the best possible way, you might be a HUBSTER.

2. Creativity & Practice – If you’ve always liked the practical things instead of theory, or when you have a problem you find creative ways to solve it, you might be a HUBSTER.

3. Appreciate Diversity – If you can’t understand what most of your friends are thinking, but you’re okay with that, and love spending time with them, precisely because you can learn from their differences, you might be a HUBSTER.

4. Curiosity – If you know a lot about cassette players but your grandmother still won’t let you near hers, because of the dozens you broke while trying to understand how they work, you might be a HUBSTER.

5. Research Maniac – If you’re not really interested in school, but when you start a short research session about the Mongol Empire, and the next thing you know, it’s morning, you might be a HUBSTER.

6. Open Frame of Reference – If you watch political debates and it baffles you how they don’t see each other’s point and how much energy they’re spending on just fighting instead of building a common ground, you might be a HUBSTER.

7. Act to Make the World a Better Place – If you dream about having a positive impact on the world and the next morning you wake up and do one small thing in the direction of your dream, you might be a HUBSTER.